OpenGL for Windows 9x

Does OpenGL come with Windows 95 and 98? I need to know for a project I am intending to run on Win95 machines. If it doesn’t come by default, is there a place that I could download it?

No worries.

I remember it was a dll in win98 (opengl.dll or opengl32.dll or something)
Try to search in c:\windows.
I think in win95 it was an add on.


in win98SE it’s on C:\windows\system\opengl32.dll…normally
Anyway if you don’t have it, Direct X or your graphics card
driver will install it I guess

It’s actally your driver that allows you to use higher versions of OpenGL and DiretX. Just check for the latest driver from the manufacturer’s site. If your card is old though, then it might not be supported any more.