Opengl Help

A while back I learned this neat trick to make blender work correctly on my laptop. It made blender run using opengl, but I can’t find the bash command to do it. Does anybody know it, or know what thread it was in because I spent the past half hour looking and can’t find it.

Nevermind, I always seem to figure out what to do right after I post. If anybody is wondering it was the command “LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 blender”

…and just to be totally clear, Blender always uses OpenGL to render the interface. What that command is doing is forcing it to use OpenGL software rendering, meaning that it’s no longer using any 3D hardware acceleration.

That could be the best answer for you laptop, but it’s worth investigating what video drivers are available. Even bad 3D acceleration is often better than software OpenGL.

hey is that a linux only flag or does it work under windows too? I got an ok laptop, well it is ok for everything else except heavy 3d and would be good to be able to get some acceleration running here

From what I understand that command DISABLES the opengl 3d acceleration and instead uses opengl Software rendering. Making it more compatible with less powerful/older systems but reduces the potential performance if you have a system that supports the opengl 3d acceleration features.