OpenGL, Incrustations, scripts window


I am a user of Blender and I would like to know how to make incrustations of images with Blender, I would also like to have information on OpenGL with what it is useful, I would also like to know how to use scripts because I lost myself when I arrived in this window, I am really in the need and I taken to you to help me

Thank you

  1. Don’t know what you mean by ‘incrustations’ but I’ll guess you mean bumps, roughness, surface imperfections. You can use “Normals Mapping” by setting the NOR button on in the “MapTo” tab in F5 and adjusting the NOR slider below it. This only affects the texture and shadows. If you want to affect the mesh you can use the DISP option instead (it’s in the same place and works the same way except you need a dense mesh for it to work good). With image textures these two options work best if you add a greyscale image as a seperate texture in a seperate channel. This has the advantage that you can manipulate the saturation and intensity of the greyscale in a paint program.

  2. Look in the first link in my sig; there are 2 links to OpenGL. One is a general explanation and the other an interview with Ton about Blender’s implimentation.

  3. Click “Scripts” in the header and put the mouse over the menu options. When you find the one you want Left-click it and a GUI will open. Set the values you need and click the “Run” button (each script has a different name for “Run”; EG: the bevel script will say “Bevel”)
    Maybe you trouble is that your script menu is empty or something like that. Just say what the problem is if it is something else.