OpenGl not working

Well this is the first time it happens to me. I justo got a ZD8000 notebook and Blender is really slow here, I think that OpenGL is not working the way it should

machine specs:
P4 3.0ghz
Radeon Mobility radeon X600 with 256
1440x900 display.
1 G ram

Every game works just fine, and the machine works very well with other 3D apps. I just installed 2.41 win version and it’s really realy slow.

I checked thw system option in Blender and it looks fine. And oh, I installed Catalyst drivers…

What wrong? It’s a beast notebook that can’t run Blender!

Please Help!

in what way is it slow?

sorry guys!
I found the issue. Apparently ATI has strange opengl libraries and Blender does not work well with it. I found the solution by putting a nvidia opengl .dll in the blender directory. It works just fine now!