OpenGL on i945 Express

I’m running blender 2.63.14 on a laptop with i945GM Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset family, win32 XP; video driver is the latest version according to Intel - igxprd32 /XP
When i try any of OpenGl render viewport commands i get error message “Failed to create offscreen OpenGL buffer, unknown”
Terminal shows no error.

I don’t want even mention that GLSL and Single/Multi Texture views show only greyscale something; only way to see texturing is to render.

Is this expected for i945 video, if not, what could be the cure for that (if there is one…)?

I have heard Intel onboard graphics chipsets don’t have great support for OpenGL, and I think I remember other users bringing this up before. Some google work will probably supply more useful information.

I kinda did google research which did not give me anything to rely on except Intel assurances that OpenGL is supported… maybe i simply had a lack of fantasy on key words.
To be bit more specific - problem child is Toshiba Tecra A8 which i did restore back to working condition. Since it runs on latest available drivers from Intel i’m loosing any hope on further improvement.

Anyhow - thanks for answering.

Search google with blender and the error message in the first post and you’ll see lots of hits.
There have been issues with Intel graphics cards. Try changing the draw method in user preferences, update to latest drivers, update to latest blender versions
What it basically comes down to is the Intel graphics are crap and if you want blender to work properly use dedicated graphics card.