OpenGL or Direct 3D?

I have gmax installed on my computer and when I had OpenGL as the driver I could not see the textures on the models but I switched the driver to Direct 3D and now I can see them. Was there something in the settings on the driver that allows the textures to be seen in gmax with OpenGL or do I have to use the Direct 3D driver? My computer has a NVIDIA GeForce 9200 (please refrain from giving me comments about it being outdated as I already know that).

AFAIK Studio3dMax (different names over time/ used it back in the days…) which GMAX is based on just acts different with different display systems (i don’t mean software drivers but OPENGL/Direct 3D). So if GMAX doesn’t display something you wann see and the usal settings don’t make it possible then you may just use the other display system. (again AFAIK OpenGL support under windows wasn’t so good becasue MS wanted Direct 3D to use… using myself inux for years now)

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Thanks. I don’t have much of a choice with Blender at the moment considering that the graphics display on the computer is limited by age and being integrated into the motherboard.