OpenGL previz now render to active camera size.

<edit> Coded by Brecht </edit>

This is something that we discussed at length (among other things) in this thread a couple of months back:

Now, when we render in OpenGL a still or an animation, the render has the size and the perspective of the active camera when it exist. No more juggling.



When did this happen? Is it in the SVN yet?


In SVN since yesterday, bug correction today because the aspect ratio wasn’t always respected if changed manually.
It seems to render only to the render window…
Still awfully nice isn’t it?

it is nice. thanks to brecht. I’ve been waiting for this for ages. Also deep shadows maps are in svn :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t make an official topic on Deep Shadow maps until we get a nice release page for it or lots of juicy information. This way the members have something to read and be excited about.

mh where could i get a SVN to dl? from

Likely Graphicall.
If you are using windows though, JMS has an almost daily build for you on the Zoo. That’s still the simplest as you just have to download the executable into your official 2.45 folder. It has its own name so there’s no confusion. There’s a little French to read but with the name of the file an the time stamps anyone should be able to find their way.


It should be pointed out also that the inclusion in the SVN is not synonymous to an inclusion in the trunk of Blender development. It can be in a branch, which would mean that it is still under heavy development. At this moment the Bmesh project is one example of this.
Once the content of a branch is moved to the trunk it means that most of the development is achieved, to the knowledge of the developer. The particle branch got into the trunk lately. But it also means that the time for debugging has just really started. Look at the kind of work that Brecht is doing on the particles to get an idea of it.

The OpenGL coordination with the active camera that I announced is in the trunk.