OpenGL render animation slow

Hey! What’s up with sluggish “OpenGL Render Animation”? The exact same footage can be played at 60fps in the viewport (antialiasing and all), but this Render thing takes like 2 seconds per frame. I can understand that writing images to disk might take time and all that, but still. It’s like 100x faster to screencapture animation from viewport than use the “OpenGL Render Animation”.

Hmmm, no PC spec, no Blender Version No, no images, no blend file, nothing for us to help you with sir! Perhaps you could supply more info and then we can help. I have just finished an animation render that took 4.5 minutes per frame on my server and I thought that was good given the complexity of the model, the lighting, the texturing, etc.

So more info please and we will try to help.

Cheers, Clock.

Oh it’s more a general wondering and not specific to any scene or something like that. I think there’s just some slack in the “OpenGL Render”, since viewport renders with OpenGL and produces exactly the same image but in the order of 100x faster. Don’t know if this is the right forum either, maybe I should just submit a bug.

Don’t get me wrong, OpenGL Render Animation is quite fast (close to that of cycles with 10 samples in simple scenes), but I think it could be a lot faster. Disk I/O doesn’t explain the difference either, maybe something to do with PNG format.