OpenGL Render setting missed in 2.71?

Hi there!

I cannot find this settings.

Available in Render Properties with Cycles enabled in 2.70, it seems that it has just disappeared in Blender 2.71. Has anybody any clue of why is not now?

I used to speed up my animation OpenGL renders by decreasing the Antialiasing value or increasing it to show preview animations to my clients.

I hope somebody could help. Thanks in advance!

It’s in the main menu now:

:o Oh well, thanks! For future similar situations: how did you know that? It’s this change in the documentation?

I stumbled across that by accident a few days ago…:wink:

(I was wondering about that panel too!)

PS I wonder if most people will recognize the meme and fill in the rest of the quotation!

We don’t need no steenking badges!