OpenGL Texture Rendering

I was hoping to OpenGL render with Texture shading but unfortunately Blender defaults to Solid OpenGL rendering even if I’m in Texture view.

Is it possible to get a Texture OpenGL render?


Show an example. I’ve just tried it with a textured model and the opengl render shows the same textured view as in the 3d view

did you placed at least a light in the scene?

Ahah! thanks Richard, all I needed was to be told yes it does to figure out why it wasn’t :slight_smile:

I had a reference 3d viewport where the outliner usually is that was set to camera view. That viewport was set to “solid” and that’s what the open GL rendering was referencing.


I was trying to do Opengl render of a textured object and was not able to
render the textures .After doing a web search,came across this thread .However ,I am not exactly sure about the solution mentioned by user @shibazz .Any explanation would be helpful.( blend file attached) openglTexture.blend (494.2 KB)

Just to clarify – which version of Blender was used to produce this, and (just to be sure) which one are you now trying to use with it?

The Blender user interface might have changed in this area very considerably since 2012. I’m not sure whether the content of such an old thread would be relevant today at all. We’ll see …

I am using blender 2.79b (blend file attached ).Not sure about the 2012 version mentioned above .But if this was possible to render textures in Opengl back then, is it still possible now?