OpenGL textures

Hi guys

Is there a way in Blender 2.8 OpenGL, to add custom texture to a model ?
I add a material, that worked fine it shows their color, but how can i add a texture ?

Thanks for help, that option is checked but where can i add texture ? I see in texture panel that only brush texture can be added.

Add a texture to your material. Whatever texture is selected, is the one that is displayed in Solid Shading mode.

here are two screen shots showing how i add the texture, but can’t see it in render only color. maybe i make mistake somewhere ?

You’ve added a brush texture. Add a texture to the material of your object. These are very basic Blender questions - I think you are better off watching some tutorials on how Blender works.

Good luck.

Yes i agree that is the basic question, in blender 2.79b in internal render, in texture tab you can add texture for your material, but in blender 2.8 (opengl render) i don’t see that option, there is only brush and brush mask texture that i can add.

EDIT: i found solution by creating link to material data instead (by default) of object.

It is the second thread about people trying to add texture like in a Blender Internal workflow.

Maybe Textureblock list and Add New button for brushes could be greyed out when selection is not in a paint mode.

Yes, or ideally we would remove the Texture Properties altogether, and integrate modifier textures with modifiers, and brush textures with brushes. The Texture Properties is a holdover from Blender Internal that no longer makes sense with the current workflow.

Not only does it create confusion, it also results in a clunky workflow where you have to jump back and forth to the Texture Properties from your modifiers or brushes.