openGL viewport render to multiple files.

hey guys!

I’m currently working on my graduation thesis animation, and my pipeline involves Adobe premiere (even though I know about blender’s editing capabilities).

through the animation pipeline we’ll be taking a lot of renders of the viewport for fast previewing.
now, I was wondering if there’s a way (maybe by scripting) to output the render to 2 seperate differently named files?

why would I want that?
basically, in premiere I want the files to update automatically every time I render a new version. for that to happen I need the files to always have the same name without a version suffix.
I do however want to keep versions for back up and not over ride the same file over and over.

so I was wondering if there’s a way to send a viewport open GL render to 2 different locations carrying 2 different names.

thanks in advance!

I believe the viewport render takes the scene properties render settings, including the save as file name(?). Perhaps you could setup duplicate scenes (not full copies) and alter the file names in each.

Would be neat to script but I haven’t time for it. Also I’m not sure you can call a viewport render from python.