does the blender game engine use only opengl?

couls they make it use directx?

Can you get a directX library for anything other than windows?


Na, DirectX is Windows only - it’s made by Microsoft. Anyway, scabootssca, why would you want it to be directx based? I think perfomance wise OGL & D3D are about the same. See this link:

I hope Microsoft stops doing stuff like Direct3D because it just muddles up programmers. Microsoft think that if they make a product then because they have global domination it should be a standard and who cares about the rest of us. Anything lacking in OpenGL should be made up for in the new OpenGL 2 standard.

Yeah, it would just take too much to convert all the OGL calls in the engine to D3D and because it’s Windows only, there’s really no advantage with it. Were you maybe planning to use it on an XBox or something?

they will not for a few reasons

DirectX has everything, not just graphics

and making it really easty for people to make games for just their platform makes people reluctant to move [or game developers to support opengl]

not input
not sound
not force feedback
not a way to even create an opengl window (I guess I am making a disticntion between glx and opengl…)

performance-wise neither is faster than the other always, it depends on the code, on the drivers, and on the hardware.

I know what DirectX is, I was being sarcastic (or trying to). :wink:


Usually what big game companies do is create an abstraction layer (wrapper) over top of existing API (aka OpenGL, DirectX). That way, they can support multiple platforms like PC, XBOX, PS2, etc. If another widely used API comes out then they’ll extend the abstraction layer to support that as well. It is double the work to support both APIs but then again it has to be done once and re-used over and over for many games.

Both OpenGL and DirectX work with the device drivers and therefore developers can write the same effects in OpenGL and DirectX. The only differences are that OpenGL is cross-platform whereas DirectX is not; OpenGL is strictly a 3D API whereas DirectX is more than just 3D API.

z3r od, I see your point with the
not input
not sound
not force feedback
not a way to even create an opengl window (I guess I am making a disticntion between glx and opengl…)

but you can put input in and get an openGL window using GLUT. In fact, isn’t that what Blender uses? As for sound and force feedback, you can use openAL and well, there’s a force feedback API included on Mac OS X and I’m sure there are standard ones for Linux and Windows that don’t need DirectX.

I heard the two were converging in terms of spec anyway. That sometimes happens with major APIs. I personally think life would be much easier if we just had OpenGL, but I don’t use Windows so I don’t know if some think D3D is better. I heard it was really hard to learn. In fact in the link I gave, It said John Carmack (the Quake guy) used to hate it but more recently said it could no longer be ignored (perhaps after a hefty MS$$$$ bribe)

ps sorry theeth, duh - I should’ve realised you were being sarcastic :slight_smile:

That’s what it used to use until after 2.23 when it started using it’s own library (GHOST).


my computer is really slow with open gl

the same game

on opengl runs 1-2 fps

on dirext x it runs at 150 - 180 fps

so is there a way to make it use direct x?

Short answer: no

Long answer: no unless someone is willing to maintain his own fork with directx support.


Update (install?) your graphiccard drivers.

What’s your card anyway?

it has the newest drivers

some intel integrated card 8mb of video memory

128 mb ram

880 mz cpu

then it is probably doing software rendering. It may be a dx only card. Just get a cheap new one. Or a TNT2.

Yes, it sounds like your problem is not that OpenGL is 100 times slower than DirectX (it ain’t), as SamAdam said it’s probably the card that’s DirectX only. You may have trouble with the fact you’ve only got 8MB VRam too. I read Blender only worked properly with 16MB minimum because the whole interface is drawn in OpenGL. Still, the fact your game messes up suggests you need a new card.

Don’t know about a TNT2 though - might depend on your OS:

I’d personally go with a GeForce 3, 4 or FX or Radeon (one of the high numbered ones).

check out:

You can get a GeForce FX 5200 with 128 MB ddr for £40. That should give you easily more than 100,000 polys in real-time. Here’s the spec:

It’s both fully OpenGL and DirectX compliant. Another thing though is to make sure you use the right OpenGL drivers. I read that Microsoft’s ones aren’t very good compared to SGI’s. I reckon M$ just want to steer gamers over to D3D by making OpenGL look as bad as possible.

do not get that card!!!
a 5200 is the worst rip-off of a card I ever bought. But a 4600 or a 5600. But not a 5200. It is worse than a 440 MX. It is really bad. I have a TNT2 and a 5200, the 5200 is only twice as fast as the TNT2. Top of the line, no matter when it was made, is usually better. A 4600, while rare, can be found on, and it can beat most cards out there, even newer ones, like a 5600 or a 9500 PRO.

I run blender on a P150 laptop with 32MB RAM, and 1MB VRAM, no 3D acceleration, and pisspoor 2D accelleration and blender runs fine for me.
A bit framey but not too much, FPS feels around the low -teens.

I may just me lucky and have an onboard that likes openGL but I doubt it, seeing as I’m using the M$ Generic OpenGL drivers.

Games in the gameengine work really slowly unless I use wireframe mode (sometimes even then) or shrink the 3D view (and shrink it majorly - a very simple game runs ok-ish at about 80x50).
But for general blending it’s certainly adequate.

Good grief phlip, that’s the worst machine I’ve seen anyone with in a long times. How on earth can you put up with having 1MB VRam? I guess it shows how good Blender is that it can actually run at all on that. But running your games at 80x50, that’s a bit crazy. How can you see anything?

Can’t you buy like an old 1GHz p3 or something for £100 or so? Brand new from Dell, you can get a 2.4GHz for £299.

I don’t know what your computer budget is but look at:
It’s even got an 8X AGP, which is more than my machine has.

Is that machine what you use for all your main tasks? Also, which OS do you use. Please don’t say Windows 3.1. My uncle was using 3.1 up until just 2 years ago.

Oh, and SamAdam’s right about the 5200 card, I think I heard a few bad things about its performance elsewhere but I don’t really know what the original poster’s budget or performance needs are either - I just thought it was a reasonable price for a suitably fast card. As you say, it’s about double the performance of a TNT2. If you can get better performance from those other cards cheaper then definitely go for one of them.

let me refine that

in fullscreen .5 - 1 fps

an inch by an inch window about 10 fps


i also use microsoft genaric drivers

same as you