Opening 2.78 projects in 2.8. Textured model and Layers question

I have a lot of projects done in Blender 2.78. I’m new to 2.8 and would like to explore my older projects in the new beta version. I’m, having a hard time figuring out how to see my models with the textures assigned to them like I do in 2.78. I’m used to the options wireframe, solid, etc. I do not see the texture option and my models are just white. I do see that the textures are within the project though.

Also I have models on many layers in 2.78. How do I switch between them in 2.8? Just want to figure out what I’m missing. Thanks in advance.

Not to be cocky or something but you are having “shell” shock. Why not go through some vids first?

I did watch a few videos before asking here. There are tons of videos to look through and so far I did not find one that answers my question. Sure there’s likely one out there but I did not see one yet. If you know a specific video that have this info please share that link.

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to try and get right to the point of what you’re trying to do. So far the videos I watched only show fresh starts. I’m looking for info on opening older Blender files that already have textures and layers set up and how to navigate that situation in 2.8.

Did you enable Render look in the viewport (press z) and choose Evee as the rendering engine?

Evee is set as render engine. after pressing z and rendered, model is still all white. In 2.78, I don’t use Cycles. Just making game assets and texturing and modeling

Yeah sorry hard to debug it without seeing the blend files. You might need to check your materials

Another thing comes to mind is that you are going from 2.78 to 2.8. You might want to try opening one of your scenes in 2.79b then make a test save then open that in 2.8

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for your help. I will post in this thread again when i make progress. I don’t expect too much right now because it’s still beta. I am liking what I see so far BTW. Just got some things to learn.

Good luck, your thread can be a guide for those needing the same steps.

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