Opening 750 compressed files at once

I was simulating a fluidsim (on Linux) when I decide to delete a temporal sim. I found the directory in the file manager and selected all the files belonging to the simulation. Then I right clicked on one of the files, but it lagged and I acedently selectet open :D. I watched as 750 instances of file-roller (GNU archiver) started poping up. I did not take long before an error poped up “too many files open” and the GUI froze. I switched to the fullscreen terminal (a DOS like shell only much better) and found the pid of file-roller and killed it. Switching back to the GUI I could se the status bar: A continuious line of two and three pixel wide application buttons. It eventualy uppdated after a while, but the GUI was still useless. The music I was playing however still plays :D.
Now I am waiting for the fluidsim to complete (currently at frame 100/250) before I restart X (window manager in Linux).

They say you can do almost everyting in the terminal, and I think thats true: This post was posted in Links (a terminal app)!

may the root be with you


That is when I am glad i have killall :slight_smile: