Opening an image sequence starting at a frame >1 in the compositor

I’m having some trouble getting my image sequence to load into the compositor. The file names are 0250.exr, 0251.exr, 0252.exr, etc.

The manual doesn’t make it clear what to set the inputs of the Image node (below) to in order to get the compositor to read the series correctly. I’ve got frames 250-340 to load up. Any help appreciated!

Select the images you want to use
You have 91 frames to show (250 -340)
I assume you want to start the sequence on frame 1
Try an offset of 249

You can see the actual frame number from the image sequence in your screenshot

Moreover, set a number of frames to at least 340. I know it sounds counterintuitive, but that’s how it works.

Yep it really is counter intuitive. I wish there was a simple graphical explanation that I could refer to every time I have to deal with it (which is not often enough to remember). :frowning: