Opening Blender After Initial Download.....

I’m ashamed to have to ask this…I downloaded Blender and now I can’t run the program. I opened up the information I downloaded but nothing I open seems to run it. I use Linux-Ubuntu if that’s any help and I’ve never used Blender before. How do I start up Blender?:o


I use windows but if you unzipped the file, then try clicking on .blender and look in there or blender. Maybe you might have to re-download the file. Wait, doesn’t blender 2.49b have an installer? There is an autorun feature at the end. Try reinstalling.

Should the autorun feature pop up or something? I’m not getting anything and I downloaded it again. I tried a couple other of the download options and I have the same issues. It seems like I should be able to open up the blender file but all it does is bring up a window that says Open Files but there is nothing under the Available application or Recent Applications. The file type of the blender file is unknown. Is that where the problem lies?

The file “Blender” looks like it doesn’t have the correct permissions…

  • Right-click the blender file…
  • Select properties
  • then permissions
  • click the ‘Is executable’ box…

It should then work…

It may even be available within synaptic which will install it and place a link within your Graphics submenu

If davidh7426 instructions didn’t work, then Try downloading blender directly from the repository
Applications>Ubuntu Software Center
and then type Blender in the search area, then highlight blender and press install, this should install blender 2.49, with all the necessary libraries to run it.
Once the installation is done you can start blender from the Applications>Graphics menu

but if you never used blender before you should consider installing blender 2.53 instead, you can get it from here:

From the screenshot you posted it seems you didn’t extract the archive yet.

Right click on the .tar.bz2 file, choose extract here.

Run the blender executable.

You’re right, I didn’t extract the file. A stupid mistake… Oh well. I figured that out when I did what rouwad said. Well, everything seems to be up and running and I’m grateful for your advice and patience! Thanks all!