Opening Blender at specific size

Hi all,

I need to open Blender at 1280 x 720 to do some high definition video tutorials. Currently I’m using the command line argument -p to attempt to do this. My syntax is as follows.

blender -p sx0 sy304 w1280 h720 (as I understand it, sx = pixels from the left hand corner of the screen, and sy = pixels from the bottom edge of the screen. w and h and for width and height. Let me know if this is wrong )

The problem with this is that it opens a tiny little window in the bottom left of the screen. I’d guess that it’s about 200 x 150, meaning I have to manually resize the window to roughly the right dimensions. What am I doing wrong, and how do I get it to open in the top left hand corner at 1280 x 720? I need to be exact here for my screen recording utility.

Try adding -w between blender and -p.

Edit: Oh, do you have it written like this “sx0 sy304 w1280 h720”? I’ve got just the numbers, no letters.

Yes, use just the numbers. The command you want to make is blender -p 0 304 1280 720