Opening images from iPhoto/Photos app on Mac

Does anyone know how to open images in blender from iPhoto/Photos app on Mac

I do not want to go to the contents/resources and dig through a million folders to find the image.

Thanks in advance for any light on this!

i dont know if that “iphoto” works in its own way, but you just simply import the image… and yes you have to find it. however you can make bookmarks, so if you have all of your images on one place, then just add a bookmark.

my rule of thumb is, add all temporary stuff to my desktop, so i can easily delete it when im done with it. and since its on my desktop i will always see it and know what it is, and what its for. other than that i got a bookmark to a folder that i have on dropbox, with “texture” and “referance images”.

3 clicks at most to find the image i want.

I usually just share/export the images from photo to the Blender project folder I am using.

Thanks for the replies! I do have a workflow that works supper well, it just doesn’t involve the Photos app.