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Good evening all!!

Quick question - When I open up a .blend (I’ve been going through some of my older stuff recently to see if I can still use it), Blender opens up in my older view (which I have stopped using), instead of my current default one? I’ve had a look through user settings but can’t find how to tell Blender to simply open the contents of the file, and not change the settings?

Any ideas?

File / User Preferences / File, enable ‘Load UI’ to use the UI in the blend file, if disabled it will use your default layout

Video sequencer: Special effects in the wrong direction

Hello, Moderator,

today, it seems, I have no luck:

I want to make a new thread, but there were the “preview” and “submit new” button only, no “Post it” button.

Can you make the following like a new thread, please

Main description: “Video sequencer: Special effects in the wrong direction”

"Hello, everyone.

Sorry, that I’m so messy with my name and my profile and so on … I’m really frustrated. And this topic wasn’t be spoken as a blender-problem before:
I have followed the steps in this video:

but then the wipe between two videos hadn’t this beautiful smooth change like shown in the youtube-Video .
The first pictures from the video above comes at first and then it changed to the video from before. Then the video from above continues and makes the wipe useless.

Then I found a “Repeat” button, he repeats the wipe, but also the play direction in the video … so useless!

Can somebody solve this problem?

Thank you very much!"

Thanks for the reply - Issue being, this will allow me to open the blends and keep my setup if I go through blender - But if I double click on a Blend file, it just crashes Blender (opens and instantly closes it again?) - Does this happen to everyone?