Opening new files in older version of blender?

I have blender 2.70, but I also just installed version 2.49 - because I want to be able to export models to .nif files.
I have a hair model created in blender 2.70, but when I open it in 2.49 it has no faces.

From what I understand, this is because the new blender uses something called BMesh which the old blender hasn’t?

So I wonder, is it possible to somehow convert the file so that it works in the older version? I’ve already tried to work around the problem by exporting it as .obj or .3ds and import that file into the old blender version, but when I do, the materials and textures don’t import properly.

In the “Save as…” dialogue you should see this in the bottom left corner of your screen:

Enable “Legacy Mesh Format” and the mesh should have faces again.

Thanks! I hope that solves it.