opening .rar or .tar files

Are there any free programs that open .rar or .tar files that do not include adware or spyware?
Thanks Muxtun


7-Zip works for me.

yes but most of them are on Linux

I second this, its open source, and can extract anything, plus its own compression algorithm is really good.

+1 for 7-Zip.

Just FYI, “tar” isn’t a compressed file. It’s a bunch of files stuck together so they appear as one thing (because tar is sticky.) That’s why you usually see .tar.gz files for Linuxy things… the gz is the compression part.

7-zip and winrar (proprietary) are both excellent archive tools for windows.

Not the most helpful reply as it’s quite obvious he/she is not using GNU/Linux. :wink:

Peazip. Very good program. I think it supports more than 7-Zip, but I’m not sure.