Opening scenes into other scenes_HELP!!!!!!!

Hi, I have never find out how to import a previous scene into a newer(I don’t want to use append because it is very complex) sesion of blender, I have done this many times with others 3D soft, and for my workflow style is complettly necesary. If I export them in a non-blender file I loos al the textures, etc., so the idea is to import a hole .blender file into another.
Could anyone out there help me with this.
As an example: supose we have a fantastic landscape that I have worked for weeks and the scene is too complex for adding anything else, but we need to add an object a friend of us have been modeling on another computer…
How is this done!!!

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Anything will seem complex if you don’t know how to do it :slight_smile:

The blender append is not complex at all, just navigate to the Object section, then select whatever objects you want, and that’s all there is to it.

The disadvantage to it though is that if you want to maintain a library of objects /scenes, updating and maintaining things gets messy.

Much better is to use a CVS version (upcoming 2.42 version) and take advantage of the Groups feature as described in this thread :