I saw one post about it, and I think it is awesome. openlaszlo is like XUL but I think it may be more portable and extendable. To spit out a XUL application, I think you have to send out almost a whole copy of the Geiko engine(Not sure, but It don’t yet seem easy). OpenLaszlo is a sililar user interface language that seems easier than xul. in fact, it is javascript and xml and it squeezes out swf’s. I just downloaded it and ran through the documentation and I am ready to install it. I believe that you can build a media application and put work media files and art in a directory( called the lps directory) inside your lps dir and zip it all up and send it out. I am curious as to how “small” I could get away with with a writer file, a wink presentation and a export from Blender’s Sequence Editor to a swf from OpenLaszlo.
I wonder if anyone here is using it with success or failure…Or if it is worth my time(I should be reading python…I’m such a dummy)

been looking at it, it scared me.

you installed eclipse stuff, too?

wow! it seems extremely powerful!

thanks for the info, I’ll check it soon.

Here is a link directly to thier Laszlo application that has the “OpenLaszlo in 10 min” tutorial. It is awesome. After this 10 minute tutorial, you at least able to make cool RIA’s with media in swf format writting html-like tags. through in a little javascript for events and methods and pow, I can already see awesome Elysiun-style or Blenderartist-style Web Services bustin out all over the place. Drop your app on a server and the possibilites are endless. Not to mention that OpenLaszlo has a standalone capability called SOLO(Stand alone OpenLaszlo). It compiles to Swf by default, but you can compile C++, Java and any other kind of Laszlo application. Deep, cool, fast, interactive, OPEN SOURCE :smiley: and the documentation is SWEEET. 8)

Here is the link

main site:

I notice that some of the colors I just used kinda hurts my eyes…I’m playin with my FF BBcode extensions, never tried it before…can you tell? %|