needs artwork!!

Hi all,

This is my first post here but I have been into blender from the early days of NAN. Anyway, The community has put out a call for graphic art. You can check out some of my work for them and upload your work if you want at “”. I know that there are lot of you out there that are way better at blender than I and I think some really cool art could come out of it!

OK, Ill shutup now! :smiley:



erm. shouldnt this thread be in the news section?

Yes :slight_smile:

I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase the use of Blender for day to day basic work unrelated to CGI in general. A field of use that tend to be underestimated.


I strongly agree with this. Won’t participate, though… don’t have enough free time for myself these past few days %|

This is a great idea, and I absolutely agree with Martin. Blender is a very versatile piece of software, which can be put to much more of a variety of uses than it is generally given credit for.

Will definitely contribute to this once I get a few ideas.


Hey, I’m up for a go at it.

Before last week I’d never used OpenOffice because my school gave me MS Office, but I’m actually just now starting to create some database records for our inventory in the County Clerks office of Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA) in it. I’m hitting some bugs, but nothing that makes it totally unworkable. When my boss asked me how many hundreds of dollars it would take to buy software to do the inventory (they use specialized software that does nothing more than a database could for some other things, paying $80 a month) I just laughed.

well ym university lecturers find it hard to believe that ALL my work is done on free software.

i come from a university that uses WORD, IE, EXCEL, Freehand, Photoshop, MAYA, After effects… baggilions of top name software titles. all on their MAC’s

i come along and whip out some blender/yafray and ti gets wacked up on display in the main foyer of the building because they were like “WOW”


i will give this open office thing a go since i do use it.


This sounds like a great project for people of all skill levels. I will be glad to help. And FYI I think that if you type the URL above without the quotation marks the Forum software will automaticly insert a link for you. Like this

just FYI

OpenOffice is a great alternative for people who don’t have the MS software on their computer already, but if it’s available, I think MS beats it because of the bugs I’ve run into so far. I’m sure it’ll be rectified in time.

Before I said, “Nothing that makes it unworkable,” but after today I’m not so sure… I’ll post on the OO forum before bashing it too hard though. :slight_smile: