is released!

New site from Thomas Dinges (DingTo) about OSL and it’s integration into Cycles (and other renderers in the future) :evilgrin:

Good stuff here!



Happy chicken dance. Bookmarked.

Thanks for the interest! Much appreciated.

I just released a first introduction tutorial:

Thank you Thomas. Great news.


Hi Thomas,

nice tutorial, nice site. I even saw you mentioned my humble beginnings:) I returned the courtesy of course and added a link to your site in my blog.

Keep up the good work, much appreciated!


Hi Michel,
thanks for that! You have nice shaders on your site. I especially like the Hexagon one. Keep it up as well please, it’s fun to watch what is possible with OSL!


A small issure: I have the italian keyboard and to type the curly brackets I use the ALT+123 ALT+125 key sequences. I noticed that Blender editor ignores them showing the strings 123 and 125. To type them I had to copy/paste from another editor. Is there a way in Blender to make it use the ALT sequences or should I edit OSL scripts with Notepad++?

Engine specification

  • Pathtracing with importance sampling
  • Multi-threaded CPU Rendering
  • GPU rendering (CUDA)
  • Multiple GPU support

What about GPU rendering using OpenCL ? You could win a huge number of users.

OpenCL development is halted because of compiler issues. There’s nothing Blender devs can do about it.

I released another video tutorial. This time I show you how to convert a glsl shader to OSL. :slight_smile:

For those looking for ideas for OSL shaders to code:

  • ies lights
  • dielectrics that correctly add transmitted light color (red transmitted light + green transmitted light = yellow, not black)
  • dispersion (think fire in a diamond or rainbows from prisms)
  • spectral lights or blackbody lights (I made one of these with the OSL blackbody function, but adapt the power intensity to cycles seems wonky)
  • grating diffraction (example: rainbows from CDs)