OpenSoundControl with blender 2.5


I’m trying to receive OpenSoundControl (OSC) messages in blender 2.56. There are already various threads on the topic, but none of them describes a really straight-forward way of accomplishing this.

There is a thread trying it with
pyKit or
SimpleOSC (OSC Input for 2.5) but the final solution is not described.

The successful attempts so far seem to be using either

  • liblo + pyliblo (Using OSC in Blender 2.5 Game Engine (with Kinect-captured data)
    Is also used in “Blender meet android”. Seems to be a Linux-only solution,
  • pyOSC (OpenSoundControl in Blender2.54 GE)
    dfelinto translated and posted pyOSC for python 3 (thank you!) or
  • Python-OSC (Using OSC in Blender 2.5 Game Engine (with Kinect-captured data)
    doing what teldredge describes (post #25) I get to the point where I can receive messages in the console. (download, rename to, save in e.g. blender/2.56/python/lib/python3.1, execute the server example code in blender, execute client example in console).

It would be nice to have at least one documented working solution for e.g moving a cube in blender (python-script and blend-file) or maybe even the possibility to compare the performance of different approaches.

I will post my progress here.
Help appreciated!
Thank you!

Hi. I worked with OSC in Blender for my digital puppet research (blender conference '09).
I’m trying to do the same thing this week now that 2.5 is finally declared stable, and I can trust python not changing up too much more.

Keep trying at it and let everyone know if you crack the code. But if I beat you to the punch, I’ll certainly try to remember to post here for you. :slight_smile:

Did one of you have any luck integrating OSC in Blender 2.5?