OpenSource Action-Sidescroller seeks volunteers (OpenClonk)

This game is already playable and had a few releases. You can see and download the current version here.

OpenClonk is a 2d sidescroller with a custom engine which has a lot of awesome features:

  • Fully dynamic / deformable landscape (like in Worms), with fluids, etc.
  • Online gameplay (sadly, there are not many players yet)
  • Dynamic 2d lighting (with materials like lava emitting light)
  • Own scripting language, which allows to create a completely new game
  • Mesh Rendering with armatures / animation (instead of sprites, but they are supported for small objects)
  • Buildings and Mining

OpenClonk is actively developed, but if you are interested in

  • Creating sculpts for later retopology
  • Creating low-poly meshes
  • Texturing existing models
  • Creating maps
  • Scripting

we would appreciate it. The style is somehow steampunkish mixed with medieval characteristics and semi-realistic.

If you are interested in making this game even more fun, please have a look at the OpenClonk website, Forum or the general clonk website Clonkspot.
You can use the OpenClonk forum or write a reply here if you’ve got any questions.