Opensource goodies....?

Ladies and Gent’s,

I am fairly new to Blender and am amazed at the power of the application. Since downloading it I have come to love the opensource idea.
I have now downloaded Icarus and plan on downloading Gimp as well.

My questions is (and I have already browsed this forum)

  1. What is a good opensource non-linear video editing software, if there is one.?
  2. What is a good opensource audio program for adding audio to movies…I have Audacity but not sure if it can do that.
  3. Is Ubuntu Studio a decent OS for digital artist. And can you run it on as a secondary OS on a WIN XP system by partitionong the disk. If this is true does the the platform remain stable and are there many compatibility issues with hardware and Ubuntu?
    Sorry if this got double posted…

I’m not sure about all you just mentioned but here is a site that contains quite a variety of open source programs. You may also want to look into Voodoo or Icarus for a camera tracker (compositing live action footage with 3D animations) - if you are interested.
Here’s the site.
Not too sure about your other question…
Good luck!

As far as Ubuntu is concerned, you can actually run it on a Windows machine without having to partition your disk. It’s quite a cool feature - you install it in Windows, just like any program. Then, at boot up, you get a choice - Windows or Ubuntu.

And if you decide you want rid of it again, you just uninstall in the usual way. They say the performance won’t be as good as if you installed it on a partition of its own, but I’ve tried it out of curiosity and it works fine.

It might be one way of seeing if Ubuntu works for you.
(Ubuntu Studio is basically just Ubuntu with a particular theme and some software pre-installed. It’s easy to turn a vanilla Ubuntu into Studio.)

1 and 2 can be easily covered by blender using the sequence editor.
You could also try Cinellera or kino

on 3 yes, ubuntu studio is good for digital art (I use it 90% of the time, running blender and gimp and (through wine) silo and artrage. This covers most of my needs for 2d, 3d video editing and compositing.

If you partition properly then there are no issues with having a dual boot. Be aware that Ubuntu will be able to read and wrwite to your windows partitions but the reverse is sadly not true. You may want to have a “data” partition or external hardrive formated to fat32 to share work between the two. (or just plan ahead and copy your linux work to the windows drive…)

Commercial software is rare on Linux so you may want the dual boot for those “usefull little apps”

Thanks fellas…
I’ll take heed of all your great advice…

Or you can run the free version of VMWare and not have to reboot back and forth.

And Michael’s right, Blender’s sequencer is the best OSS video editor out there ATM. Its not perfect, but its capable. There have been several brave attempts to get a viable project going, but none have flown so far (at least to the degree that blender has.) A good starting place:

Cinelerra is a pretty powerful video editor. (Quite a bit more powerful than Blender’s sequencer) But it’s GUI toolkit really really sucks. I can handle odd or eccentric GUIs, but the one for Cinelerra is very buggy and poorly designed.

It’s editing engine is quite impressive though. Now if only we could graft Cinelerra’s code into Blender’s sequencer we would be set.

Out of the video editors available for linux I prefer kdenlive.

I’ve found it more stable than Cinelerra but only basic features. Haven’t tried Blender for vid editing in recent months but I’ve always found it unstable and just crash outright back to desktop, especially when working with wmv (not that i do that much).

I use dvgrab on the commandline to get the footage off my vid cam in raw dv format not avi and both blender and Cinelerra crash regularly chewing on it.

What format are you guys using?

btw when talking of Cinelerra are you guys are talking about the CVS version? At

Tried blender sequencer again and its far better than it used to be (of coarse), did get “Import is not a sound file - FFMPEG not compiled in” errors trying to add some dv files, only to discover that they had no write access, ie owned by root from original dvgrab import years ago. So something to look out for, once permissions were changed they import without problem.