Opensource Linux Graphics Tools? Other names I should know?

Well I’m quite happy with Blender, Gimp, and Wings3d, however I can’t help but think there are others out there I am missing.

So, Linux Blenderheads, what else should I be taking a look at to fill out the toolkit?



I wanted to start this thread some days ago myself, I guess this can be very helpful to many people if it fills up!! go make it sticky!

2D stuff: Formerly known as filmgimp - enhanced version of gimp. capable of more fileformats and with a framemanager for flipping single frames. can read and write many(around 80) image fileformats. A collection of tools for manipulating images. professional DTP program currently reached version 1.1.0. Let’s say its Quark for linux. A vector drawing tool like Illustrator or Corel Draw currently in version 0.32 using SVG as native fileformat so it might be interesting for webdesign. A tool for converting bitmap images into vector drawings - search forum for threads containing autotrace as it can be used for generating flash files.

3D stuff: Modelling app for kde3.1 uses povray for rendering. Interestig renderman compliant modelling and animation system under heavy developement. The moonlight|3D resurrection project. Moonlight3D was highly inspired by softimage|3d. somehow the developement stopped. Now some brave men recovered the source and build it up again. Another interesting (Renderman compliant)modeler. Can im- and export RIB. [i]Ever wanted to know what BMRT means and is? And why the heck there’s only dead links to the bmrt page? A renderman compliant renderer free for non-commercial use that scared pixar so much they told nvidia to buy the company… A renderman compatible reyes renderer. Another, quite young renderman compatible renderer. Quite old but still interesting particle animation system --uh I dunno if it’s opensource I don’t think so - dammit! but we still have blender!

video related stuff: Maybe THE editing system for linux although not to easy to handle for beginners. A fully featured compositing system - when it’ll be finished?! At the moment not too much useable instead of version number 1.9 ??? But the most interesting opensource compositing project out there. hopefully the developers go on quickly with their great work! The best movieplayer for linux available. Plays almost any videoformat (also some quicktime). Video encoder included (mencoder). The other best movieplayer for linux. to me it is the choice for playing DVDs and SVCds. But also capable of many other videoformats. Create your own mpeg movies from single frames, often included in linux distros.

other software used by the pros in the film business that runs on linux - obviously horrible expensive:

Maya You know Maya, don’t you? Highend 3d package.

Softimage|3d and Softimage|XSI You know Softimage, don’t you? The other highend 3d package.

MentalRay Highend raytracer used by Maya and Softimage.

Softimage|Toonz Highend 2D animation package. scan, ink’n’paint, compositing for professional 2D Cartoon animation - damn I love this piece of soft! Used e.g. for Princess Mononoke and others.

Shake Highend Compositing system now sold by Apple, created by NothingReal. One of NothingReal’s developers is now with cinepaint - maybe he teaches cinepaint some compositing skills??!!

digital fusion Another highend compositing system comparable to Shake, Combustion and others. Will soon release a linux port.

If you’re a rich kid or just sold your brand new BMW for getting a new comp and soft and have got around $ 70.000,00 left, buy that stuff and tell us what they have and blender needs :wink: . No - buy it twice and send me the licenses for free, then I’ll tell you!

Well, this is I think quite a list. I am interested in what else can be found on the net.

cheers blenderheads,


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besides, we have a forum for “Other Software”


Cinelerra and Jahshaka both suck so much it’s not funny anymore.

Currently, the best free video/audio compositor available under linux is Blender.