Opensource Movie in the Makings

Right now I’m working of concept art and gathering materials, but the plan it to make a completely opensource movie at least 15 minutes long with the community. Once I’ve finished the story, I’ll expound more on the subject.

The goal is to make a movie with EXCELLENT animation and EXCELLENT story-line.

I’m doing the directing and editing along with the sounds. I’ll also do some animation myself of coarse But what I’ll need is

3 REALLY GOOD animators
Any texture packs and HDRs I can be provided

Now I’m not doing this any time soon. I’m not looking for people, just materials at the moment, any help would be nice.

If you’re interested in helping, even though there is a lack of information at this point in time, I’ll add you as a friend and tell you when I’m ready.

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The goal is to make a movie with EXCELLENT animation and EXCELLENT story-line.

Well i think it’s your turn first. I wonder why dont you just waited until you have a EXCELLENT story-line? or maybe just the raw Plot/Theme of the movie?
I can only speak for myself, but building animations for 1 Character who will act for 15 minutes would take me about 2 Months. I am also not excellent :-).
I am really interested about the story, so i wait for that.

Not even the Blender Foundation Open Movies had an excellent story line and the animation wasn’t perfect either. And they had a team of
paid blender professionals.

Also if you consider yourself a director you should at least have a basic idea about a story concept.

With a thread title like “Opensource Movie in the Makings” it sounds like there is already something to be going on in the project, but I do not even see any other projects of yours because you just signed up here.

You cannot even make a bad film without any preproduction thoughts or concept art work, but an “EXCELLENT” one? :no:

Hey there!

Listen to this, he brings up a lot of valid points in this exact subject.

Best Regards!

You somewhat misunderstood my purpose in making this. This would be my fault for not being clearer.

No, right now I’m not looking for people, but materials. Websites, downloadables, tutorials, etc.

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The Jobs forums are for offering work to people.

Sorry I missed that sentence in your first post. However if you’re still working on the concept it’s a little early to ask others for interest in your project, especially if you do not even say what Genre your Film is going to be.
If you’d have to check for general interest in these projects you could check out the other similar projects in this section, and how active these are / what kind of project proposals others will (dis)approve etc…

Don’t wanna sound like I’m ranting or whining but … people rarely take these posts seriously… I know you’re just looking for some advice and tutorials, or whatnot… but seriously… there are thousands of people claiming “I’m making a movie” or “I’m making a game”

a better goal would be “I’m gonna learn blender”, then maybe… in a few years… “I might do something WITH that”.

maybe then people would think, “ok, this guy wants to learn, lets help him”,
instead of them thinking “heres another “movie maker”, he wont get far”