OpenSource RTRE equivilant for Blender??

Does anyone know if there is somthing out there?

For those who don’t know RTRE enabled a 3dsmax scene to be exported to a stand alone EXE where you can browse a rendered scene in realtime

Shift-F to Fly in Blender, with the camera selected and the view in camera.

Don’t know what RTRE stands for, but with a “little” amount of learning the game engine logic bricks allow all sorts of navigation, if you need to use the mouse you need a little python scripting… a search for “mouse look” or for socials fps template should yield good results.

You just hit “p” in a 3d view to run the game engine, and it can be saved as a standalone using the “save runtime” option. On linux this will give a self contained app, under windows you need to include a bunch of dlls in the same folder as the exe to make it run.

You do need to do a “bit” of learning to use the game engine, but it’s pretty easy for basic walkthroughs.

rtre nor max are free
not as in speech and not as in beer

isnt the blender player only Win?
I did not see it working for OS X and *unix


I use it under linux all the time now. Sometimes i run a windows build on linux under WINE so that can save a windows runtime for clients, works a treat!

i presume that it works for mac though I haven’t tried it.

edit: to save any possible confusion, it runs native under linux, i just use wine to “cross compile” or whatever you’d call it.

Thanks guys. The stand alone exe that RTRE produces is great to send to clients etc without having to mess around with Dll’s and such. i’ll have a look at the game logic although i have not begun to look into this yet.
Do you have any links to any good resource for it?

Thanks all

There are three forums dedicated to the BGE here.