Openspace-The Next Big Thing?

Hi - I’m pretty new to Blender. After 8 months, I’m starting on an ambitious new animation project called Openspace using Blender.

Here are some wip images:

I’ve set up a blog to document the process (and perhaps struggle) here, if you’re interested:

email: [email protected]

Wish me luck:)


I drew the storyboards a couple days ago. Just permanent marker on lined paper, but it does the job;)
Oh, and I spent 2-3 hours yesterday making the ear. It looked flat so I made the ear material slightly translucent and added several red lights behind, to simulate subsurface scattering.
Comments? Crits?

No replies?

I begun texturing the little rockets at the sides of the big one. All procedural, so far.
This isn’t the final texture, but the render captures the feel I want for the movie pretty well.

I like the lighting and background color in the render of the rocket.

looks good so far. Keep it coming.

Thanks guys, long time no post. But don’t worry, I’ve been keeping busy.

Another reminder that I’ll be posting more frequent stuff on the blog.

Great project and serious work. I think the wips are good. I cant make much out of the storyboard. Are you alone involved?

This is looking really good! Im defineatly looking forward to seing progress.

Thanks for the comments. Yes, I’m alone, but I’m getting some help with the more challenging effects by emailing some experienced blenderheads.

The storyboards themselves aren’t much. I’ve had most of the shots planned out for a while and just wanted something visual to go by when I start animating.

No im not that verry ultra ninja at blender. but if you would need help with annything just ask.

Looks like an interesting project. The reason that ear is flat is because… well… it is. Real ears have a kind of second ridge in them shaped like a curvy ‘Y’. Have a look at some ear pictures to see what I mean. Of course, if you’re going for a more cartoony style, it doesn’t matter.