OpenStreetMap data parser/mesh converter - wip

this is a positive test about reading and converting geographic coordinates of maps from the openstreetmap project, for use in blended cities :

map is exported as xml from :

then turned into a ‘network’ mesh :
it uses UMT and WGS84 for conversion.

then geometry :
(pending. lot of info in osm)

more info :

I post apart from the bc thread since the 2 first steps can help for generic needs
…and since the 3rd step will require a lot of time to grow because of the k and v xml fields :slight_smile:
…and that maybe someone here is an osm expert (I’m not) and that info extracted from it can be layered for different purposes… etc…
…and that it offers a lot of new way to design a 3d city.

atm it simply retrieve ‘nodes’ and ‘networks’ with no distinction about their kind (which are numerous in the osm standard lanes, perimeters, objects, subways, rivers…), or only the roads.

maybe it could be published apart and be multipurpose ?

any ideas, concepts, and needs welcome.

I’ m in the process to learn python for make something like these.
My idea is to import gps tracks, and using a ortofoto on a plane in the background, with these I can edit
a track in mi favorite free and camaleonic software, and export to a gps.

You are planning to add a track importer/exporter?

Great work!!!

hey littleneo,
looking good already. :slight_smile:

You are planning to add a track importer/exporter?

import for roads and lanes yes, at least.

Is there a procedure to import the OSM data in the script? if there is can you cover it in some sort of tutorial?