OpenSubDiv for Blender Game Engine?

Hello, I have been looking over the forums over the last couple of days as well as the Blender documentation and I can’t seem to find out if OpenSubDiv will be supported on the BGE. Furthermore, it doesn’t seem anyone else has asked the question either. So, I decided to ask here. Does anyone have any information regarding this?

So far, there is no indication anywhere of an engine vendor having an interest in trying to make OpenSubDiv work for games (this is different from simply having a tessellation shader by the way).

Not every system that can make use of the GPU can be made to have a good fit for realtime gameplay.

What would you use a subdiv modifier for in a game engine? If you need more polygons you subdivide your models before putting them in the game engine, no?

yeah, a tessellation shader is what you want, not subdivision,

(only render relevant geometry) - > uses a high subdivided model but with the subdivide applied

Look at “Call of Duty: Ghosts”

Ah, they use it for LOD, cool

From what I’m seeing while testing the BGE and the new OpenSubDiv system. They seem to be working out together in the new version of Blender. This is atleast what I’m seeing as I’m testing this. What OTHER options exist for making lower poly models look higher poly (besides normal map baking a higher poly map to a lower poly item)?