Opensubdiv for Blender MacOS


It’s been 2.5 years since Opensubdiv was added to Blender. It was left out of the Mac builds, I believe because of insufficient OpenGL support.

I’m wondering when Mac Blender users can start using Opensubdiv. Do we have to wait for Blender 2.8?



Yes, 2.8 at the earliest.

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Thanks for your reply, LazyDodo. 2.8, okay, that’s too bad. I hope the Mac and Windows versions of Blender become more synchronized.

realize though that i said ‘at the earliest’, some of the technical issues (mixing classic and core gl, which the mac was having none of) will be fixed in 2.8 (all core gl) that still doesn’t mean we’re in the clear just jet, what i heard is that apple is kinda dragging their heels on supporting newer opengl versions, so that might be an issue as well.

I heard about the Apple OpenGL matter as well. Radeon ProRender for the Mac also suffers from Apple’s bad OpenGL support. I guess Apple wants all Mac developers to adopt Metal. :confused: