OpenSubDiv is on its way back


(Ace Dragon) #183

From the release notes.

Note however there are still some missing features and performance problems in the new implementation. Particularly animation playback and moving of vertices in edit mode will be improved before the final 2.80 release, to bring it back to 2.7x level.

Further optimizations and features to be added later in the 2.8 series:

In short, the devs. are aware of the issues and have plans to work on them. It’s just that Sergey also has a bunch of depsgraph and modifier bugs to deal with too.

(Ace Dragon) #184

As for other pain points in OpenSubDiv, Sergey is now getting around to fixing a couple of issues.

An issue with vertex colors.

And a memory leak.

No big performance fixes yet though.

(Ace Dragon) #185

Sergey’s next major addition looks to be a topology cache.

Reports from one user notes a significant speedup. Though it is still not close to realtime because the code is not being done on the GPU.

In addition, a couple of topology and creasing issues have been fixed. When the cache is in, then OpenSubDiv should take a decent step towards being fully usable.

(Ace Dragon) #186

Sergey continues to lend priority to not only the new subsurf code, but also the new multires code that is based on it.

Spike prevention.

Better preservation of continuity when doings things like a reshape operation

More robust code in general to reduce the chance of a sculpt breaking somewhere.

For those struggling with sculpts in 2.8, this will be welcome news.


Thank you for doing this, saves me time from scanning the changelog for opensubdiv / multi-res related updates. :+1: