OpenSubDiv is on its way back


(Indy_logic) #82

Haha! Yeah a bit off topic for sure but very interesting just the same. :smile:

What your talking about is kind of how Maya works. The issue is that the nodes aren’t arranged in any sensible way that you can go back and change things in an intuitive way.

You know, I think what your talking about makes a lot of sense and I think you should write something up and post it on right click select. Just as a reference point for future dev discussions.

(Hadriscus) #83

We ought to kick off a discussion on this, similar to the ‘rig overhaul’ one (that I shamefully left unattended for much too long…), and share ideas. Think I’ll do this sometime this week. Cheers !

(Jason van Gumster) #84

It’s also worth mentioning (in case anyone missed it) that the integration of OSD isn’t just for the Subdivision Surface modifier. It’s also for the Multiresolution modifier and it should fix the persistent “spike” problem that people have run into while Multires sculpting.

(Craig Jones) #85

And this is an amazing bit of news here, as that is one of the biggest issues with multires sculpt workflow! Thanks for that, Fweeb!

(English is not my native language) #86

Is that confirmed? I mean for it not to generate false expectations :grimacing:

(Thornydre) #87

I think that’s what Sergey said in the “Ask Me Anything” video of the Blender Conference, it should, so it probably not mean 100% certain.

(Jason van Gumster) #88

Yup. Said at the AMA as well as the main Blender dev talk.

I’d suggest that people test it and help confirm or invalidate that claim.

(zeauro) #89

I have an instant crash if Preview level is different than 0.
Sometimes, when I create a new level in sculpt mode; weirdly, some faces can be included into a mask.
But it looks like jumping from one level to another in sculpt mode does not create peaks.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #90

I’m more interested in whether it will improve the currently atrocious Edit mode performance. Currently, on a 1080ti, It becomes unusable at just 5k polys and 3 subdivisions.

(BlackRainbow) #91

I just hope opensubdiv will not get implemented the way openVDB is right now. Potentially killer feature any app would be proud to have is just another cache format in blender. You cant even import your own cache in a new scene, you cant assign it to another smoke sim, it’s just another item in a dropdown menu. Its just sad.

(Pitiwazou) #92

Like what they wanted to do with Alembic in fact before tangent made a Patch.
We need the full feature, not only the cache part.

For open VDB, I would love to have it as a modifier like on C4D, possibilites are really great!
Same for Open Subdiv of course.

(BlackRainbow) #93

Lot of ways to have openVDB in an app, but man… having it as just a cache format… After all the work we’ve seen has been done on openVDB cycles rendering, tests. Ofcourse that patch needs more work, but we could at least have the ability to import it in the scene. I know it’s been said many times before and it’s kinda childish, but… every app out there with openVDB support has at least some options to manipulate it in at least some way. Nobody wants it as another cache format. Nobody wants bicycle just for the front wheel.

I just spent whole night figuring out why my smoke sim is not rendering, Sorry for offtopic.

(Joel_nl) #94

I’m sure openVDB is going to be a big part of the everything nodes project :wink:
The whole mesh to volume/volume to mesh open up a whole lot of possibilities.

Btw; The mesher would also be a very nice replacement for the Blender fluid mesher.

(BlackRainbow) #95

I’m sure everything nodes would be greatest project blender development had, everyone has high hopes for it. Cant even describe having a great particle fluid simulation and having no ability to mesh it, searching in web and finding some working prototypes developed 5 years ago with openVDB!.. just crazy!

(zeauro) #96

There was a GSOC in 2018 about import of a new type of OpenVDB object as grid.

An OpenVDB grid is not a mesh but having it as an object instead of a smoke cache is a first step.

(Jason van Gumster) #97

Hey folks, it’s nice that you want to talk about OpenVDB. However, this isn’t the thread for that. This thread is about OpenSubDiv. There are plenty of other threads discussing OpenVDB.

(abody2100) #98

is there’s any news to opensubdiv release ?

(XYZero) #99

I was just earlier today asking about this also, check out the end of this thread…replying from Ace_Dragon

(tischbein3) #100

sorry for the late reply, works now like expected…thanks :slight_smile:

(Cheinu) #101

I can’t get multires sculpting to work on 2.8 and regular subdivision doesn’t seem to work either in sculpt mode in the latest 2.8 build. There’s users saying that it does but I’m assuming they’re using the special trick to enable it either that or there’s an option I have to enable in Blender. Can anyone confirm that it’s not supposed to “officially” work at the moment? The beta is supposed to be coming out soon and I thought this would be here by now.