OpenSubDiv is on its way back


(Piotr Adamowicz) #142

Why don’t you just open up your last car model and try for yourself? It’s fine as long as you just look at your model. It’s a slideshow as soon as you try to move a vertex. I don’t think I could get any significant work done like that.

I mean, you could probably work with it if you habitually break up your model into many small objects, but I don’t. Even then, 2000 faces, where it becomes unusable for me, is a really really tight budget that has no place in modern CG except as a personal challenge.

(xrg) #143

I’d consider it unusable performance at the moment. I’m sure they’ll resolve it before release, though. I can’t see the Spring team putting up with it as it is at least.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #144

I don’t know. It needs to get some 1500% faster just to get back to 2.79 levels. Maybe I’m a man of little faith but the prospect doesn’t look good to me.

(myway880) #145

List of performance issues that we would like to fix or investigate for 2.80:
* Transforming vertices in edit mode on high poly meshes is slow, due to overhead of depsgraph, mesh updates and and batch creation.

  • BMesh to mesh conversion happens all the time. See check_rendered_viewport_visible, it now always happens when a 3D viewport is visible, and could be quite problematic for edit mode performance.
  • Manipulate modal callback performance may be problematic: T55458


I’m not worried. Blender is and always will be in development. Coding for this complex bundle of 0’s and 1’s isn’t simple. Its like a web of variables that all affect each other where if one changes, it can mess up others. OpenSubdiv didn’t really work in Blender until roughly 2.76 if I remember right. OpenSubdiv is nice to view high poly models animated. For now I just use low poly mesh versions while animating and use a Subdivision Suface modifier for final renders.

(Piotr Adamowicz) #147

That’s just for straight edit mode. None of this mentions OSD.

(SonicBlue) #148

There’s a clear regression in editing performances:

13.934 faces in Vertex Mode.

I don’t understand what’s the problem, since the navigation with this piece of mesh (1.447.039 faces) is very smooth in 2.80, while in 2.79 it’s almost impossible to navigate in Edit Mode.

What I also don’t like it’s that if you select an Object, and you enter Edit Mode, all the faces are selected. Why?

(cekuhnen) #149

I did that 2.8 is faster. Only with one model was it slower in wireframe mode.
Otherwise in shaded object and edit mode 2.8 ran smoother

(Piotr Adamowicz) #150

Have you actually tried to grab some vertices and move them around? 2.8 is faster for just viewing, it’s the editing that’s slow.

If you have, and it’s still fast, that would be good news, because it would mean it’s maybe a hardware specific bug and the code isn’t just fundamentally slow.

(Zuorion) #151

I can confirm that subdiv operation is significantly slower and viewport is significantly faster, also entering edit mode is significantly slower.

Something is not right, because even if we switch to “simple” subdivision algoritm it is still sluggish.

(SonicBlue) #152

The Subdivision Surface is applied or are you using it live?

(Zuorion) #153

Suzane with applyed subsurf3 (62k tris) with subsurflv3 modifier (4M tris) so lets say suzane with lv6 subdiv.

(SonicBlue) #154

Thanks, it looked like it was only at level 3, I tried the newer version and it only shows Isoparms edges and there’s no option to show the fully subdivided mesh. So it looked even more suspiciously slower than it really is.

Same results here, but it was expected.

(cekuhnen) #155

outch ! that is hurtful to see!

(Piotr Adamowicz) #156

See, I’m not exaggerating after all. I wish I were. :sweat_smile:

(cekuhnen) #157

Yeah I am sure - hope that they are aware of this and fill fix it asap because whats the point of all the work done when the subdiv module kills usability !

(nudelZ) #158

marketing only… its nice to have that on the feature page

im not sure if OSD is the cause here but the memory usage of 2.8 is well quite bad…

(lethal01) #159

Oooor, adding and changing things takes time and it was understood that 2.8 would broken in order to lay a foundation for the fututre.


They are aware:

(drgci) #162

back to the old subsurf for better performance