OpenToonz 1.3 Released!

OpenToonz v1.3 has just been released. Get it here for free:

A huge list of bug fixes and improvements across the board. The GUI has been improved further, and even a touch screen gesture mode was added. MyPaint bitmap brushes now work on Toonz Raster levels (“layers”) which allows for colour changes based on a fixed palette. A new live Text generator effect finally allows for live text to be added to your animations (before it was destructive).

A full list of improvements and bug fixes here:

The difference is night and day compared to the first buggy and ugly release on March 2016! It now runs stable, and many new features have been added over the scope of (almost) three years. The GUI has been much improved since then.

OpenToonz was used in the production of Mary and the Witch’s Flower, a feature-length Japanese animation film.


Very Nice :jp:

OpenToonz reminds me a bit of Blender, from closed source internal tool, to making it open source to survive.

Going to try this new version, thx for the info.

the Mad House production company in the home page is the same Mad House of the anime Paprika?

i have loved this Anime! … actually also
Perfect Blue , Millennium Actress , Tokyo Godfathers of Satoshi Kon

yes, also Studio Ponoc uses OT

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