OpenTOonz v1.1.0 released!

Grab it while it’s hot :wink:

Big new features:

  • “Pixels” option as an absolute measurement unit - no more DPI or relative scaling when working in this mode.
  • Brush stroke stabilizer while drawing
  • Camera Capture feature: use your webcam to capture frames, perform pencil tests, etc. Includes onion skinning option!
  • Integrated FFmpeg for import/export mp4, webm and gif formats (to activate FFmpeg support, you must download FFmpeg from and point OT at it in the import/export preferences. For longer sequences you may have to increase the FFmpeg timeout)

Other improvements:

  • Added Spanish translation
  • Enable to set a shortcut to maximize the pane / the entire room.
  • Enable to toggle “Show Lines with Thickness 0” from the context menu of the viewer.
  • “Drawing Substitution Forward/Backward” commands to switch the drawing at the current frame to next/previous one in the level.
  • Store the toolbar state
  • Level Create Popup sets default name and updates paths correctly.
  • Added “Autopaint for Lines” indicator on Palette.
  • Optimized the Configure Shortcuts popup.
  • Changed default bg color for Level Export command to avoid black background in non-alpha output formats.
  • Removed ctrl key requirement from Function Curves graph editor.

And many bug fixes, and a number of GUI improvements.

With thanks to all the new committers / developers who have contributed to this release. 3 out of 4 of the bigger new features were developed by them. :cool:

Gonna build it now and see what happens. It’s cool to try out one of the programs Ghibli uses.

It works okay with linux, although there is a delayed response. I had a problem compiling the program with JBig, which is for helping with Hi-res images or something, so that may have something to do with it, but I doubt it.

Basically what the deal is is that I compiled libtiff, which you have to and it comes with the source for OpenToonz. You compile libtiff with libjbig by default, and I had to disable that. I have libjbig, but when you compile libtiff with libjbig, for some reason opentoonz itself is not linked to libjbig for some reason. But I didn’t feel like messing with it.

This is a serious program for 2D animators. It’ll take some work to figure out.