OpenToonz v1.2 released!

A new version of the open source 2d animation software was released.

Although called a “minor” update, this version features:

  • a horizontal timeline which is zoomable (!) alongside its existing Xsheet timeline
  • MyPaint bitmap brush engine that expands OT’s bitmap painting capabilities far beyond the initial release
  • Guided drawing for vector brushes
  • flip viewer horizontally and vertically
  • export soundtrack only
  • new note level type (in addition to regular comments the animator can now insert notes in frames)
  • custom command bar panel
  • new xsheet/timeline command bar
  • all Windows builds can be made portable
  • edit values with middle mouse button drag
  • Mojo brush set for MyPaint
  • touch screen controls
  • xsheet header redesign
  • couple of new FX (Bokeh with depth channel)

and many bug fixes and smaller/bigger workflow and user interface enhancements.

For a full list and the download:

Also interesting to note: ClipStudio’s latest version includes a new direct OpenToonz export function.

Opentoonz is simply stellar with one huge flaw IMHO. It’s performance is just abysmal. I suppose that’s ok if you focus on using it for ink and paint, but if you want to use it for drawing pencil tests it’s a very frustrating experience.

MyPaint bitmap brush engine – curiously this was almost working in Blender some time ago! See:

In what respect is its performance abysmal? On my aging machine (see sig) with 1920x1080 raster levels I can do pencil tests (with MyPaint pencils) just fine. Plays at full 30fps and multiple sketch layers. Drawing is smooth and responsive.

Any chance we could get a normal map fx for layers?

That’s actually a very good idea for a new feature.
Add a feature request here: