OpenVDB fire simulation missing temperature attributes

Ok, I’ve got a weird question/issue.

I’ve been working on a fire simulation for some time now, and I’ve finally got it where I want it. I now want to import it into another project to use.

I see that there are two VDB cache locations. One in Data, and one in Noise. I guess when you use noise, it exports a seperate cache. Anyways, when I import the noise VDB, I lose almost all the attributes needed for sharing. Specifically, I need the temperature attribute.

It has the density attribute and flame attribute, but no temperature attributes.

Is that a bug? Not sure what’s going on there. Is there somewhere I need to enable the attributes?

The non noise VDB within the data folder has all the attributes when imported into another scene. But the noise VDB does not.

Let me know what you think. Thanks!