OpenVDB remesh

i think yes, just be sure to use modules for python 3.6

I put a config file in my 2.79 folder so my other addons would not load. In this case where do you put the modules. I have the blender file on my desktop. Can I put the modules in the modules folder in my scripts folder instead of modules in app data roaming? Thanks

You can put the modules in any folder Blender reads Python modules from. To my knowledge, all Blender 2.79 versions read the modules from AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\modules

I tried with the cgstrive build and copying the modules inside the Blender installation folder (blender-cgstrive\2.79\scripts\modules) I’m able to load the addon.

I’m currently refactoring the project so that it’s just one folder inside addons, but aren’t ready to release quite yet.


Thank you burnin and ambi.

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I just uploaded a single .zip on Gumroad. Should work on all Windows 64-bit (7, 8, 8.1, 10), Python 3.5 & 3.6, Blender 2.79. No more complicated setup, I hope.


Thank you ambi. Great addon?

ambi, can you give me an advice, how to solve this error?)
did you encounter such an error?
ImportError: ./ undefined symbol: _ZTIN5boost6python15instance_holderE
I do not leave attempts to build openvdb with numpy)

The instructions to install the Linux version is on Gumroad. I’m still working on the Linux one to make it a single install, but so far you still have to do the steps separately. You can’t install the Linux .zip through Blender, you have to manually unpack it to right locations. I made a short video about it.

Thnak you, already use addon from your package
But i want to compile openvdb library by myself (for example now i move to python-3.7 and of course addon stop working)
I think you can know about my issue
Thnak you anyway)

Unfortunately compiling OpenVDB is a lot more complex and involved process, so I can’t really give support for that on this thread. Good luck.

Hi ambi, do you have a rough estimate when this plugin could be ported to 2.8? Like reaaaally rough. I recall you said something about the python api still seeing changes.

Truthfully, I have no idea, but as I now know people want it I’ll spend more time working on it.


while I use 2.8 more and more often (maybe 50% of the time), it would be great to have it!

Preview version of the addon for Blender 2.8 Windows 64-bit ( is up on Gumroad. Tell me how you like it. Blender 2.8 is still under development, so expect a lot of bugs.

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thank you ambi for this preview!

did a quick test
it work fine with clean geometry, but fail with non manifold and intersecting geometry

If you want you can always upload a .blend and I can take a look.

an example of intersecting geometry (the hands)
for non-manifold suzanne don’t work for me

prof_vdb_crash.blend (3.7 MB)

Blender 2.80 doesn’t seem to report object dimensions correctly. Sometimes they’re just (0.0, 0.0, 0.0) even if the the model is clearly there and has a bounding box. Setting the absolute mode instead of relative, as default should prevent from the error happening. After the changes your model seems to work quite well.

Uploaded a new preview on Gumroad. There are also new settings in the addon preferences section where you can set minimum voxel size and maximum polygon amount.

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Thank you very much, this addon is just amazing. I really needed something like this for avoiding zbrush in 3D printing. I have been struggling for a long time with this issue (even I started to code my own script) but you nailed it. Thank you very much.

I dare to ask for a feature. It would be nice if we can setup parameters before clicking on the “launch…” because the last used values are saved and maybe I do not want to wait for a long time if I am doing some test after performing a high quality retopo.

Also, a better parameter description (for silly artist) would be nice. ie: “voxel size defined in world coordinate” could be “the lower voxel size the higher accurate and polygon count” or something like that, you know what I mean.

Thank you very much!!!

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I tested the latest 2.8 prev version, everything seems to work properly

the new options in the preferences are a good thing

thanks ambi!