OpenVDB remesh


(IPv6) #223

Thanks a lot!!! That helped - just copyed new over old with overwrite and deleted pycaches.
Now it works and… that`s pretty impressive :slight_smile:

(IPv6) #224

Hoping for MacOs version too! (Using blender on both systems)

Regarding version: i am using one of the past nightly builds, when “Bevel” and “Ambient occlusion” nodes was added. Because of that can`t really rollback on vanilla 2.79 // These two nodes are killer features

Seems like BF updated Python since then. Anyway, your advice helped

(atomvar) #225

Newest(?) blender 2.80 build (they changed something about user_preferences) broke the add-on preview. I removed “user_” line from both “addon_prefs = context.user_preferences.addons[package].preferences” from file, and got the add-on working again. Just wanted to let you guys know in case you face the same problem.

(ambi) #226

New update on Gumroad (


  • user_preferences naming convention changed in Blender 2.8 beta
  • triangulate not working on n-gons because changes in Blender 2.8 beta
  • sometimes not applying scale would crash Blender because it tried to build a huge voxel array


  • Copy settings from panel option to set parameters before running the operator
  • Instead of voxel size, setting is now resolution which is easier to change, understand and can’t suddenly explode Blender if set to zero
  • Adaptivity is now between 0 and 100 instead of 0 and 1, and the curve is adjusted so that it can’t be changed without manually typing small values
  • Remeshing should work in all modes (sculpting especially) but the undo in sculpting is half-broken, so use with care. Increasing the isovalue to ~0.1 and set project to surface should preserve more detail when using the operator multiple times while sculpting.
  • For meshes with no edges and faces (only vertices), the sphere radius is now linked to voxel resolution.

Tell me what you think, if the new setting types are improvement or downgrade.

(Tosky) #227

That new version will works on 2.79x?

(ambi) #228

Once the 2.8 works ok, I can copy all the work done on it to the 2.79 version, but it will take some time. Can only develop one branch at a time. I will look into it tomorrow.

(Metin Seven) #229

Sold my Mac, returned to a Windows PC and bought OpenVDB Remesh. Finally my life is complete. Who needs Cinema 4D? :grin:

My first test results were very promising. OpenVDB Remesh doesn’t disappoint. Keep up the good work. :+1: