OpenVDB remesh


(IPv6) #223

Thanks a lot!!! That helped - just copyed new over old with overwrite and deleted pycaches.
Now it works and… that`s pretty impressive :slight_smile:

(IPv6) #224

Hoping for MacOs version too! (Using blender on both systems)

Regarding version: i am using one of the past nightly builds, when “Bevel” and “Ambient occlusion” nodes was added. Because of that can`t really rollback on vanilla 2.79 // These two nodes are killer features

Seems like BF updated Python since then. Anyway, your advice helped

(atomvar) #225

Newest(?) blender 2.80 build (they changed something about user_preferences) broke the add-on preview. I removed “user_” line from both “addon_prefs = context.user_preferences.addons[package].preferences” from file, and got the add-on working again. Just wanted to let you guys know in case you face the same problem.

(ambi) #226

New update on Gumroad (


  • user_preferences naming convention changed in Blender 2.8 beta
  • triangulate not working on n-gons because changes in Blender 2.8 beta
  • sometimes not applying scale would crash Blender because it tried to build a huge voxel array


  • Copy settings from panel option to set parameters before running the operator
  • Instead of voxel size, setting is now resolution which is easier to change, understand and can’t suddenly explode Blender if set to zero
  • Adaptivity is now between 0 and 100 instead of 0 and 1, and the curve is adjusted so that it can’t be changed without manually typing small values
  • Remeshing should work in all modes (sculpting especially) but the undo in sculpting is half-broken, so use with care. Increasing the isovalue to ~0.1 and set project to surface should preserve more detail when using the operator multiple times while sculpting.
  • For meshes with no edges and faces (only vertices), the sphere radius is now linked to voxel resolution.

Tell me what you think, if the new setting types are improvement or downgrade.

(Tosky) #227

That new version will works on 2.79x?

(ambi) #228

Once the 2.8 works ok, I can copy all the work done on it to the 2.79 version, but it will take some time. Can only develop one branch at a time. I will look into it tomorrow.

(Metin Seven) #229

Sold my Mac, returned to a Windows PC and bought OpenVDB Remesh. Finally my life is complete. Who needs Cinema 4D? :grin:

My first test results were very promising. OpenVDB Remesh doesn’t disappoint. Keep up the good work. :+1:

(Bohdan Lvov) #230

Fan-freakin’ tastic update

(PolyGreen) #231

very much looking forward testing these out but so far the update does not work for my Blender Build 2.8 . Im sure its just a temporary issue (on my end). Very much looking forward to future additions of this great tool :slight_smile:

(Hexbob) #232

Seems that you’ve done some really brilliant work on this addon, @ambi! :slight_smile:

Having used the new volume tools inside of Cinema4D and being impressed by the OpenVDB implementation and meshing capabilities, it’s nice to see some of this functionality being brought to Blender.

Just a couple of questions:

  • It appears that your OpenVDB remesh only works with mesh data currently, is it theoretically possible to skip the voxel generation step needed for meshes, when dealing with volume meshes (smoke, etc), for example, to create effects similar to those in this tutorial:
  • Am I right in understanding that once the remeshing has taken place there is no way of going back to the original meshes, ie. this is a destructive workflow? I’m assuming that, similar to other pre-2.8 addons (sapling, etc), that once the newly generated OpenVDB mesh has been generated and deselected, there is no way to continue editing the settings. Essentially, does this remesher work like a modifier that you can continually tweak until you apply it, or is a one-time permanent action?
  • Finally, I wasn’t sure if this had been asked prior, as from reading through previous comments I saw something mentioned about the Cube Surfer addon, but is this remesher intended to work with particles?

Think that’s everything for now, thanks! :slight_smile:

(ambi) #233
  • If there’s a way for Python to read VDB data from Blender, sure, reading smoke and volume data should be no problem. But as it currently stands, I’m aware of no such functionality.
  • Yes, it is currently 100% a destructive workflow.
  • Yes, it is intended to work with particles, but it’s currently not working in the latest versions.

Both of the last two points should be addressed with next versions, when/if I get them out of the door.

The idea is to integrate VDB with Blender everything nodes, but I’m currently using Animation Nodes 2.1. It’s all up in the air, as we don’t know the future how well nodes and functionality can be integrated in the new nodes systems.

(mrtzg) #234

@ambi Checked out the latest version of the plugin yesterday and it’s gotten a lot more intuitive. Setting the voxel resolution the way it is now comes a lot more natural. At least for me.

Would it be possible to have the operator remember the last settings used?
That would save a lot of time. Not sure if that’s possible.

(srikanth0126) #236

Linux version on 2.8 please

(voidcore) #237

So will there be a build for Mac? Will buy in that case. OpenVDB works on Mac and there should be simiular setup to Linux. (for the time being I do roundtrip to Houdini for OpenVDB needs)

(ambi) #238

I uploaded on Gumroad.

Contents and installation:

  • is a version of Animation Nodes 2.1 Blender 2.8 release, which includes VDB nodes that goes into Blender addons folder
  • is Python OpenVDB module that goes into the Blender modules folder (for example C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\modules)
  • vdb_node_example.blend is an example Blender 2.8 project that you can test if the nodes work

Linux version is also complete, it just still needs testing and packaging.

@mrtzg The addon remembers the last settings used, if you’re using it in panel it takes the values from panel, if you turn that option off, it remembers the previous settings from the operator.

@voidcore I’ve been looking at ebay Macs to build the binaries, as that seems to be the only way, but 300 euros for a Mac Mini just to build binaries is a bit steep.

(Metin Seven) #239

Thanks @ambi. Is this a special version meant for users who want to combine OpenVDB Remesh with Animation Nodes?

(ambi) #240

It’s a way to have particle remeshing and non-destructive VDB workflow in Blender. It has a lot more functionality than the current destructive remeshing workflow: intersection, union, cut, offset, various blurs, etc. Quite a bit.

Animation Nodes seemed like a logical fit. There are already so many unnecessarily separated node systems in Blender that could be combined into one instead.

(Metin Seven) #241

Sounds good. A demo video would be much appreciated. :slightly_smiling_face:

(ambi) #242

Install the files and load the .blend. It shows the basics. Try moving Suzanne and see what happens. :wink:

(Metin Seven) #243

:slightly_smiling_face::+1: I’ll check it out as soon as I’ve defeated the fire-breathing deadline monster. One more question in advance: can I fully replace the current OpenVDB Remesh with this one, retaining all OpenVDB Remesh functionality I’m used to?