OpenVDB remesh


(tungee) #41

My jaw would explode:evilgrin:

(R_dva) #42

Thanks for great addon, made these parts using vdb remesh

Creating them topologically takes a very long time. with ramesh it took several minutes

Recorded a video with the process of creating a Monocular Telescope

(ambi) #43

@R_dva: Cool video. It’s interesting to see your workflow and how you’re using the addon. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

(tungee) #44

Hi ambi, i get this failure when i execute the addon.
I extracted the lib files for windows 2.79 python 3.6 version in a folder named pyopenvdb. Then i moved this folder into the scripts/modules folder of a python 3.6 blender build. Then i installed the and activated it. So far so good but when i execute the addon it gives the faiilure above.
I tried the python 3.5 version also on a python 3.5 blender build. Same failure happens.

(burnin) #45

Made no folder in modules… works as it should.

(ambi) #46

@tungee: Does your modules folder look like this? As long as you have the right Python version and Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 runtime installed, it should work.

(tungee) #47

Yes Ambi exactly like this. How do you called the Folder with the dll’s?

(tungee) #48

Ambi which version of Visual C++ 2017 runtime should i install?

(ambi) #49

Other tools and frameworks -> Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (x64)

edit: If you’re still having problems later, send me your exact full operating system version (which Windows, how many bits, which service pack, etc) and Blender version and I will try to test and see what happens.

(tungee) #50

Thank you Ambi,
but something is wrong with my comp. I cant install the redistributable on my Machine. It gives an error. Ithink i will reinstall Windows 8.1 again on it.

(R_dva) #51

Made it with VBD remesh and booltool

(R_dva) #52

Very much increase the speed of work. Do not need jump into the Zbrush or 3dcoat

(Tosky) #53

One thing I found but dont know if intentional or bug: it seems I cant sculpt the mesh “reconstructed” with openVDB, in sculpt mode brushes dont have any sort of effect on shape/topology. Tips?

(ambi) #54

@Tosky: That’s intresting. I’ll look into it.

@R_dva: Looking cool. :cool:

(Tosky) #55

I’m really sorry,

your addon works just fine, oddity above was caused by me because “clip end” was set to “inf”. I discovered that sculpting doesn’t work if “clip end” is set to inf.

(ambi) #56

@Tosky: ok np. Good to hear.

(ambi) #57

Customized OpenVDB to include Gaussian smoothing. Should about thousand times faster to smooth and no more size limitations. Once I get the kinks worked out it’s in the next release. This .gif isn’t sped up or changed in any way.

(IPv6) #58

Any chance for MacOs support? ((

(ambi) #59

Unfortunately I do not have a Mac so I can’t really build the binary for it.

(ambi) #60

New beta with the new much improved smoothing is up. “vdb_remesh-win-python35-beta-2018-04-23”. Only Windows and Python 3.5 at the moment. If everything works out I’ll build the rest.