OpenVDB remesh

Hi, installed vc redist and reinstalled addon but still getting the same error

Can you go to Python Console inside Blender and type the following: “import platform as p; import bpy; p.machine(); p.platform(); p.python_version(); p.python_compiler();;” (without the quotes)

Just copy paste what it prints out.

‘MSC v.1800 64 bit (AMD64)’
‘2.79 (sub 0)’

Ok, so you need the Python 3.5 version, not the Python 3.6, so the package you need to download and install is

Just to be sure if you have nothing else in the /modules folder outside this one addon, it’s best to close all Blender applications and delete everything copied there before reinstalling just to be sure.

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Thanks, it works now

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I get this error,

the version is the beta, I’m using official 2.79b, also the python is correct.


Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users***\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\”, line 508, in execute
self.filter_style, self.filter_sigma, grid=self.grid)
File “C:\Users*\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\", line 274, in vdb_remesh
return (_write(grid), grid if saved_grid == None else saved_grid)
File "C:\Users*
\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.79\scripts\addons\”, line 270, in _write
verts, tris, quads = gr.convertToComplex(iso, adapt, fit, filter_width, filter_param)
AttributeError: ‘FloatGrid’ object has no attribute ‘convertToComplex’

location: :-1

@ambi so no using other plugins with vdb remesh just yet?

Seems like you’re trying to use the older .DLL files while using the newer .py scripts. Blender Python captures the .DLL and it can’t be deleted or overwritten while Blender is running. So what probably happened is that you already had the earlier version and tried to update while Blender was running, which overwrote all else except the older .DLL that was loaded already.

In order to install the newer files you need to close all Blender instances first and copy the files after.

Having the ability to hot-swap .DLL’s while Blender is running would be nice to have indeed, but currently I haven’t found out a way to implement that.

@dodeqaa: Sure you can, just not the ones that have overlapping files, which to my knowledge there are none.

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How is this different to dynremesh tool, not sure which to get


Ahh I got it I was confused by the additional .7z file and thought I had to unpack that to modules as well.

How did you get a smooth result on the sphere boolean? I keep seeing this…?
This Addon is awesome tho. Seems to work really fast!


I got it! Had to just turn up/mess with Adaptivity :slight_smile:

Trying it again, but now am not getting smooth result again. Is there any documentation/explanation of how these settings work?

The addon only transforms the mesh into voxel space, then has the option to smooth it, then transforms it into back. Increasing adaptivity just lowers the resulting polygon count.

If you want to achieve what you posted, you need to mark sharp corners and add a subdiv surface. The addon can not know what corners you want as sharp and what you want as smooth.

Ah ok. I will try that. Thanks for quick reply!

Modeling with booleans and remesh call “proboolean workflow”. Base round shapes need to be more dense geometry for smooth result

I use it all the time now and it has helped me transform my workflow big time. Thanks for that. So i was thinking. Would it be possible to have this work as a modifier? Just theoretically… I don’t have a lot of knowledge codewise so this is a shot in the dark. Basically to have a state of the model stored before the voxel smoothing operation so you could go back to that if you decide to do further booleans or the like. I hope I am making sense.

As a native Blender modifier? As there’s no Python API, probably not. A way to create a OpenVDB (kind of) modifier stack? It’s on my TODO list (which is very long)


This add-on looks great but… it is good to make a step by step video tutorial showing how to install all the prerequisites for its working (and showing its use too). I want to buy it but I am not sure I will be able to install correctly the needed packages to Windows (I am working in Windows 7). So, such a video could be an essential help.

I’ve installed it in win7 last week and it works, if you are concerned about it.
I agree a video would be helpful; I won’t mind a raise of the addon cost, there’s a lot of work behind these things, even just for the setup. I think at least 10$ would be fair.

Sure, its price is very affordable, no doubt as to this. My aim is to buy it but I am not so good at dealing with all those prerequisite needs and I do not want to buy it and then keep it without being able to use it. This is why I requested such a tutorial video. :slightly_smiling_face: