openworld movie WIPs

Here’s a couple of WIPs from the OpenWorldMovie team. The first is a team effort, ad the second is my own work.

The first is an early version of one of the sets in the movie, and the second is a character that was to be in the movie, but the script no longer requires him in this form, so he might change a lot.

Sorry about the image size, but I always render large to get the detail in.


I can only see the second image, and i really like it. Great detail, and those eyebrows really got my atention!

The first one appeared in Mozilla, but not on explorer. Weird!

Anyway, here’s the first one again.

the good job!

Hey all. I am an Open World Film team member and I’d like to show you all what we’ve been up to.

The concept work for the film has picked up now since the holidays are over and we have a few newer members, so we’d like to share it with you.

The first is a scene for one of the shots in the movie, the second is one of the main characters and the third is a shot from the beginning of the film. Please keep in mind that we are still in concept stage and our renders will improve drastically for the actual movie.

Thanks for looking.

I like that alien.

Is that all sculpted or do you have a displacement map on top of a low poly mesh?

Yes, I believe that he is sculpted. This being a team effort, he is being made by another team member, but I do believe that he is sculpted.

Yeah, he is actually the human form of a dragon. Travellingmatt has been working on concept sculpt variations for a bit now. I believe it is all sculpted, but he’d have to tell you for certain.

A couple more concept WIP items for the Rhagen character, and a couple of frames from a rendered storyboard scene.

The last image is the low and high poly versions of Rhagen. In answer to Uncle Entities question, Rhagen was based on a Makehuman mesh, then retopoed, and sculpted.



The models look pretty good for the most part, but I think you’ll really need to use the node compositor to get the most out of each render and out of the rendering engine. Vanilla blender renderer is definitely not doing it for me here, it looks tacky. Even just throw in some AO and it would look heaps better I think.


This is concept art, not final render stuff, so it is intended to convey the general feel of the scee, rather than being a final render. Yes, there will be some compositing on the final, but no AO, because AO on movies adds a lot of noise that can only be removed by increasing render times dramatically. As a lighting engineer, I hate AO anyway, cos it is totally fake and does not occur in reality. A well lit and gamma corrected image will beat an AO faked one by miles, and not add grainy noise and odd shadows and hilights that have nothing to do with reality. I know lots of people love AO, but I’m not one of them :slight_smile: