Opera Glasses

This began as a doodle today. The model is currently just over 9600 verts, and has 4 cycles materials. I was surprised to discover that these opera glasses actually magnify! These are based on this set of actual opera glasses, though they aren’t exactly to scale.

Posted on Blendswap, if you would like a copy:

I like it, specially the materials. But the lenses seem a little bit weird to me. In the reference image there’s a space between the lens and the circle ornaments, and they also seem to be flatter.

keep it up

The lenses are pretty strange in that render. I ended up doing some more work on the lenses, after a comment I received from someone on Blendswap - they were trying to use them for a project, and needed the magnification. After your comment, I also added a bevel inside the ring that holds the lens in place. I think the result is more appealing. Good call.