Operating System

What operating system do people use. Iam just curious

“Click here”, don’t make loads of pointless threads and polls, generally a simple search will return threads of an exact same nature as the ones you have already posted…

2 threads that you have already posted here have been discussed a lot at elysiun and those two post have been treated in a nice manner, this is now the third, lets not make it 4, 5, 6, 7… in only 1 hour please :wink:


im new here and just can’t get engough of it


thank you for all the pointless threads.

lets not make any more like this for a long time.


choose a really really big forum (not this one) and post as many random thread as your heart desires

I use Ubuntu & SuSe Linux.

hey where is OSXP on the list?

If only Mac OSX looked more like WinXP it might be better. its pretty crap right now.

i guess OSX stole the search function, and Aqua theme from XP anyway. bloody thieves. they should get some orginal stuff.


It was somewhat difficult to answer your post because at the moment I use four: Linux, WinXp, WinME and OS/X. (The latter being “BSD Unix and Mach.”)

For Blendering, I use Linux and OS/X. A very important consideration for that is the ease with which not only data but workload can be easily shared between the machines when they all “speak” the common language of Unix/Linux. My Linux boxes run Gentoo, which is very “stripped down” to the bare-essentials and which, apparently as a direct consequence, run about 20-25% faster even at rendering than the same CPUs once did.